Our Approach:

We have our slogan "Come together Club together". In the diversified agro-eco system, no one can do all works at a time. So, there must be a division of labour and each one of us must have some specialization. When the land holding are small and fragmented, we can not do much alone, so we shall have to be clubbed together of like minded people and make a joint effort. With this approach, we first do Mass Campaign and Extensive Field visits for identification of the major issues. Then a representative village is selected having more or less the same agro-ecosystem related to the problem addressed. A general Bench mark survey and PRA survey is conducted for analysis of the micro-situation. Accordingly, OFTs, FLDs or simple Training methodology is adopted to make a probable solution of the problem. Like minded people or people having similar demand are then clubbed together to from a group not necessarily a Self Help Group. Then the line departments are called upon and their schemes are converged along with ours. Then actual implementation is done on ground level with trainings and follow ups. Then Value addition and marketing is done by the farmers with Cooperative or some other marketing channels. This gives a thorough plan of action to the farmers.